Spartacus Gladiator Statue


This stunning bronze resin statue is a glowing tribute to Spartacus, one of the finest gladiators to ever grace the arenas of Rome. Overall: 10-1/4" tall.
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Spartacus was one of the finest gladiators to ever grace the arenas of Rome. He eventually led a slave revolt against Rome’s mighty army, gaining him a place in the history books. This stunning statue is a glowing tribute to this fierce warrior. Made of resin, this highly detailed statue has been given a metalized, bronze finish bringing out all of the finest detail.
  • Overall: 10-1/4" tall


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Write a Review
This is really cool!
I am a huge fan of the STARZ "Spartacus" series, so I wanted something Spartacus-related for my office. Boy, did this fit the bill! This piece is a little over 10 inches tall and it is weighty, and not cheap feeling. The gladiator style is Thraex, which is what Spartacus wears in the arena in the first season episode “Legends”. Thraex is based in the Thracian style, which was Spartacus’ people. For the price, I cannot see anything that I do not like about this piece. I would highly recommend it to any Spartacus fan. I should also state that this piece is not related to the STARZ series in any way. This piece is just a tribute to him, as the last spoken lines of the series state about Spartacus: “One day, Rome shall fade and crumble. Yet you shall always be remembered in the hearts of all who yearn for freedom.”
- Timothy, May 25, 2021 | Verified Purchase
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