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Spanish Bilbo Cut & Thrust


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Beyond doubt, this type of sword provided the most effective hand protection ever devised and was used with cut and thrust blades as well as swords with heavier cutting blades. It was, however, this style that saw much service on both sides of the law across the “Spanish Main”. The steel basket and pommel frame a wood and twisted wire grip that is hammered into grooves and provides a very firm hold, while the sword is still light, capable of both fast point work and quick draw cuts. Leather and steel scabbard included. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. Can be sharpened for an additional fee.
  • Overall: 41-1/2"
  • Blade: 33-1/4" long, 1-3/8" wide, 3/16" thick
  • Wt: 2 lbs/12 oz


This is a great replica of the 1796 Spanish heavy cavalry sword. Reenacting with this rare sword is just starting in the United States, particularly in Puerto Rico where there are already 5 cavalry soldiers. To be perfect, the blade should have 3 planes on each side. Beautiful!
From: Jose, November 02, 2009

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