Soldier Leather Pauldrons

Manufacturer part number: DK5106

This pair of leather pauldrons is made expertly from thick 13/15 oz armor grade leather. Can be used in SCA or for LARP. Overall length of 11 inches.




This pair of leather pauldrons feature a molded and hardened shoulder piece with four lower lames. These pauldrons are fully articulated and have a strap and buckle at the underside of the shoulder to attach to a gorget or breastplate that has D rings. There is a strap and buckle on the lowest lame to attach to your arm. Can be used in SCA or for LARP. Available in black or brown.  Ships separately, no express shipping available on this item.
  • Hand Crafted from thick 13/15 oz armour grade leather
  • Overall Length (when laid flat): 11"
  • Width (from front to back): 10"


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