So here we are again and loving every minute of it!

We know tickets are scarce and even if you could find one you may not be able to go. We feel your pain and will be updating our website with pre-order pages for cool items like Star Wars that will debut at the Con. Each year we'll try to bring a bit more of the show to you at home. 

A small reward for visiting us though will come in the form of a Museum Replicas gift card. We'll be giving them out FREE to anyone coming to our booth (one per person, yeah I see you plotting...) which will have a value anywhere from $10-$100, no choice. Kinda like playing the lottery except everyone wins. It's good on any purchase until used up and is even good on your pre-orders!

WOW Progress Report:
There are some Horde & Alliance tabards and battle flags ready to roll for this fall and possibly a weapon or two. Fun for all ages, stay tuned and we'll keep you updated right here.

If you happen to be new to us (which I can't imagine since we've been around since 1943 and in the US since 1971) don't forget to contact our Atlanta Cutlery / Museum Replicas catalogue companies to get some free catalogs sent out to you. We really do some amazing historical clothing for men & women, weapons, armor, etc. and the catalogues cover periods from early Greece through WWII. That includes the Crusades, Vikings, Renaissance and much more. Call 800-883-8838- wow, we cover the call too? Guess your excuses just got used up.

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