Shangri La exists!

Shangri La exists! Well, sort of. This is old news for all our ACC patrons, but probably new to our MRL followers. And since we know you love history, accuracy and a little romance and adventure (hey, who doesn't?), I wanted to let all of you know about our cache of real antique firearms and accessories.

You heard me right, real- complete and original military history from the British occupation of Nepal. It's a long story, you see first the earth cooled, then the dinosaurs came, then...oh never mind. In an 8 year journey half way across the globe we made arrangements to purchase and have transferred to us Nepal's entire military arsenal from the last 150 years through WWII and the British occupation. It's a very rare find and a chance to own what you normally only see behind glass in a museum.

The collection is so unique many museums have finished their firearms collections with the guns. Brown Bess muskets from the Civil War, Martini Henry's from the Zulu campaigns, musket balls and flints from the Napoleonic era knapped in England, bayonets, patch knives and more. Turn your home or office into a real museum. And the best part is you can handle everything, most in their untouched state. Re-enactors have taken advantage too, who wouldn't want to carry the real thing?

Don't worry; they're all authentic antiques so no FFL is required to purchase or own one.


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