Set of 6 Agate Arrowheads Small


This set of six modern arrowheads are handmade from agate. Sizes vary from 1-1/4" to approximately 2" long.
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Agate has been used for over 3000 years and examples can be found from ancient times to the forming of America. Typically, the only difference between the arrowheads was size. Larger arrowheads were attached to spears, which could be thrown great distances for hunting or fishing while the smaller sized stone arrowheads were attached to arrows and shot with a stringed bow. Today they make an interesting jewelry worn by both men and women to compliment a variety of period look.

This set of six will vary in size from 1-1/4" to approximately 2" long and all sizes in between. These are modern, handmade agate heads. Due to the hand carving process and natural occurring variance in the stone, no two will ever be alike.


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