Serenity & Firefly, plus more Iron Man!

Hey, you've almost missed your chance to own the greatest collectibles in the Verse! Our Serenity license is expiring, so that means this is your last chance to own full size replicas of River's Reaver axe & sword set, the Operatives sword with back scabbard (just like the movie) and Mal's Browncoat. All functional, durable and real- Shiny!

Just a note, the original Iron Man helms in silver and gold are very limited and will be arriving in Sept. This is the first time this technology has ever been available from Stark Industries. You can pre-order now- it may be the only way you'll get one. And for you retro Sci-Fi fans, the helms are typical of the 50's & 60's era robots- the retro factor is way cool on these two styles (whether you like Tony Stark or not).

Here's another peek into the Iron Man movie. Wow, we can't wait to bring this version to life! Save your pennies for spring '08. Stark won't give the replicas out to just anyone and certainly not for free.
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