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Steampunk Utility Belt

This high quality, all leather Steampunk belt features two fully functional pouches, dual D-ring hangers, miniature spring-clip, map band, and period sword hanger. Exhibits antique brass hardware. Overall length of 48 inches.

Steampunk Tesla Mary Jane

$29.95 $53.00

Steampunk Daisy Mary Jane Flats

These flat Mary Janes have a steampunk kick. Featuring an adjustable strap with a gear buckle and gear grommets. Black faux leather, available in whole sizes 6 – 10.

Steampunk Winged Gear Pin

This pin has multi-layered watch gears with highly detailed wings. Perfect for steampunk outfits.

Steampunk Clockwork Mechanical Cufflinks

These cufflinks feature skeletal cogs and gears with real watch movements. Approximately 3/4" in diameter.
$59.95 $94.95

Steampunk Airship Bracelet

This steampunk bracelet is made of soft fabric. Features a real working compass, along with two glowing bubble levels and copper piping. Brass accent screws. Adjustable snaps. Measures 10-1/4” X 3”.

Steampunk Aviator Vambrace

This multi-layered leather vambrace sports etched brass parts and a working compass with copper tubing. Features a working, color-changing light at the front. Has adjustable rear lacing. Comes with two CR 927 hearing aid batteries.

Steampunk Mechanical Folding Knife

This knife is a functional work of art that could be from the Industrial Revolution or a steampunk or sci-fi adventure. The scales on this pocket knife are copper plated and the parallelogram handle has multiple pivot points.