Scottish and Celtic Clothing

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Scottish Kilt

This comfortable kilt is made of acrylic wool has sewn-in pleats making it easy to wear. Perfect for a traditional Highland ensemble. Choice of Brown or Brown & Olive. Red on closeout.

Highlands Shirt

This shirt is made of 100% natural cotton weave and has an antiqued button collar.

Early Kilt

This Scottish Kilt is made of acrylic wool and exhibits sewed-on pleats. Perfect for both men and women.

Cotton Drawstring Pants

These drawstring waist pants are 100% cotton and complement most historical outfits. One size fits most. Choose from Black or Brown.

Scottish Lion Flag

This historical Royal Standard of Scotland flag is made of indoor/outdoor nylon. Double sided with grommets.Measures 3' X 5'.

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Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Scotsman Shirt

The previous reviewers are conflating historical fact with Hollywood.  The name of this “shirt” is “Scotsman” not Highland.  The depictions of Willam Wallace wearing woad (plant based blue dye) and a kilt is historically inaccurate. First,  The woad was something used very early on during the tribal days and centuries before William Wallace. Second, William Wallace lived in the late 13th Century to the early 14th, and the kilt did not appear until the late 16th century nearly 300 yrs AFTER William Wallace. William Wallace and other Scottish Warriors of his time would have worn battle garments related to that worn by the Celts. The “shirt” being sold here is what is known as a “Leine” (aka, shirt or tunic) and would have been worn with boots or ankle shoes (not ghillies) and with/without trousers. For battle wear, a conical Celt. Type helmet, full body chain mail (Celts are credited with inventing chain mail), a quilted, padded cotun (similar to an arming coat), a leather jerkin (for chiefs),  and greaves.  The weaponry would have consisted of a claymore, battle axe, or bow/arrow kit.  Yes, the Scots had archers!  The only, somewhat, accuracy from Braveheart was the claymore, the brigandine (leather), and the greaves.  The leine worn by men would range in length from mid-thigh to mid calf, with the knee being the most common, depending on the time period, and would be dyed using saffron giving it a reddish-brown hue.  Later iterations became more elaborate with the sleeves extending as far down as mid-thigh past the wearer’s hands.  They would wear a wrap or “blanket” in colder months which may or may not have been tartan or plaid and was the origin of the kilt. The original kilt or great kilt did not identify a clan or was clan specific. By the mid 17th century, the kilt had gained more prevalence but was by no means the only garment worn.  It wasn’t until the Jacobite era (17th / 18th Century) that the kilt and tartan began its use as battle attire in defiance of the British crown.  This shirt or leine does NOT run big or is improperly fitted.  The purchasers just don’t know the history and are mixing clothing from different historical time periods.
Reviewed by: John, May 22, 2021

Review of: Scotsman Shirt

My wife's a huge "Braveheart" fan, so added this to her 1/2 mannequin display.
Reviewed by: Michael, June 15, 2020

Review of: Chocolate Brown Long Skirt

This Chocolate Brown Skirt is wonderful. This is a piece of “regular” clothing, not costume- like at all.  The fabric is a lightweight, durable, a beautiful, chocolate brown - love the color! I’d wear this to work if the pleating were just a tad bit less but it’s perfect for my historical presentations.  It pairs well with a crisp white peasant blouse and is historically relevant for many periods. A small crinoline may be worn to dress it up but it’s a nice ladies‘ travel,  leisure or peasant style as is. I’m thrilled to find this versatile, genuine garment in period style.  I’m 5’9”, size 10 with a smaller waist, ordered the large, length and waist was perfect.  Highly recommend.
Reviewed by: AndreA, June 14, 2020

Review of: Festival Shirt w/ Ruffle Cuff

I bought this shirt in the red color for my pirate stuff. It's very stylish and comfortable.
Reviewed by: Jonathan, October 12, 2018

Review of: Medieval Cotton Cross Over Hooded Cloak

Just got the grey cloak today! Holy cow, very good fabric! Looks like it should be in a movie. I really like the hood. Thinking of making a ranger outfit using this piece. Great work Museum Replicas!
Reviewed by: David, May 04, 2018

Review of: Festival Shirt w/ Ruffle Cuff

Very nice. I bought the wine colored one and I was very impressed! The fit was good and it looked great!!
Reviewed by: Donald, May 22, 2017

Review of: Scotsman Shirt

I just bought 2 more of these to add to the one I already own. Sizes run big, but it is great for hot sunny summer days at a renaissance festival. I am a blacksmith that works at festivals and I swear by this shirt to wear all day comfortably in the hot sun without the sun burn. I highly recommend.
Reviewed by: landrew, January 25, 2017

Review of: Scottish Plaid Skirt

Looks great and fits good!!
Reviewed by: Donald, January 23, 2017

Review of: Scotsman Shirt

This is a great shirt. Perfect for a cool summer evening.
Reviewed by: Patrick, March 11, 2014

Review of: Scotsman Shirt

As the first poster siad, this runs really big.  I'm 5'9", 190 lbs and I generally wear L or XL, but ordered the S/M and it fit loosely but well.  +1 on the first rate material and construction.
Reviewed by: Dale, September 28, 2012