This historical scimitar has a blade made of high carbon steel. Features wood grip and steel guard. Complete with scabbard. Overall length of 36 inches.


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Circa 1700

The original scimitar was called a shamshir, (which meant "lion's tail") and had a deeply curved blade that was almost a half circle. Developed in Persia, this type of blade was effective for draw cuts, but other than that, of limited utility. This caused the blade to shift its shape into a more useful version, which we have chosen to copy. Blade is quite effective, being able to draw cut as well as slash, and the point is quite useful in the "hooking" thrust often used. Made from high carbon steel by Windlass Steelcrafts. Grip is wood, and the guard and scabbard furniture are steel. Complete with scabbard. A beautiful and romantic sword. Copied from the Hank Reinhardt collection. Can be sharpened for additional fee.


Attribute name Attribute value
Overall Length 36"
Blade Length 30-1/2"
Blade Width 1-1/8"
Blade Thickness 3/16"
Weight 1lb 8oz
Edge Unsharpened
Sharpening Available
Engraving Available


Write a Review
Write a Review
Great Scimitar
Great scimitar. This is one of my favorite swords in my collection. Like many of my other swords, I display as well as practice with this sword. I have spent some time in the Middle East and had the opportunity to handle some antique scimitars. This replica feels and looks as good as some I’ve seen. Balance is good and I can make very accurate tight cuts while practicing. Very accurate in detail and light weight in use.
- Steven, July 07, 2021 | Verified Purchase
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Beautifully Simple and Quick!!
Light, fast and quite attractive in it's utilitarian good looks.  Quite well built and an unusual addition to any display.  Highly recommended!
- James, June 14, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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Lively in the hand, beautiful on display
This product far exceeded all expectations. The fit and finish are excellent. No rattling, no obvious flaws, smooth textures..... The blade shape is classic and historically accurate. With a little extra sharpening this baby is a lethal cutter. You can see why this weapon was used by so many people for such a long period of time. Overall, very pleased.
- Jarod, April 08, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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Great addition for every sword collection
This sword has its pros and cons. But in the end makes a great addition to any sword collection.

Very appealing blade profile
Light weight
Effortlessly devastating cuts
Design of handle gives great grip
The handle is my biggest concern. If you have hands on the smaller side you may not have a big problem with your grip, but if you have hands on the bigger side YOU WILL HAVE ISSUES WITH THE YOUR GRIP.
- Franco, August 24, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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I was so enthralled to receive this in the mail.
It was shipped promptly and expeditiously. I was not disappointed, the sharpness is great as well as the overall craftsmanship. The wood on the handle was excellent. The guard also was crafted wonderfully.

However, what really caught me was the blade flexiblity which is indicative of a good heat treating process.

Besides this the weapon handles wonderfully, with the right amount of weight distribution.
- Kahlil, April 01, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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Worth the money
The blade is well shaped and durable, well balanced and the scabbard fits well, hilt is fine, odd finish on the cross guard though. But, has not come loose for me, I've heard that was a issue for some.
- Francis, January 17, 2019
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A Very Good Offering
The Scimitar is one of the best swords that I have handled from Windlass. It has a beautifully curved and finished blade with amazing cutting power. The blade is very solid and can handle some abusive cutting though I obviously do not recommend it.Whilst the blade is very effective, the handle does leave a little to be desired. It does have a small grip, so those with larger hands may find it too uncomfortable. It also has a terrible looking lacquer finish that really distracts from the sword. Underneath said lacquer is a brass guard, which while not ideal, does work well enough, though it may bend out of shape with impact.
Whilst the handle has a couple of flaws, there is no mistaking that this sword is worth the price point.
- Victor, September 18, 2018
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This is a beautiful weapon.  It is light in the hand, unlike some other replicas.  The cross and scabbard fittings seem to have an unusual finish, and almost feel like they are of some material that is not steel, but a magnet reveals that there is at least some iron content. The scabbard seems overly large, but it accommodates the curve of the blade perfectly.  The grip is a bit short and small for my hand, but that is only a minor flaw.
- Steven, December 25, 2015 | Verified Purchase
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Surprisingly nice.  Handle is a bit small for the hands but its lightning fast.  I like this sword very much.  Product lost a star because "Made by Windlass" is laser etched onto the blade.  It seems only some swords are coming this way.  Must be from a certain forge.  And no its not the normal ink stuff that comes off with a dime.  This is definitely laser etched.  Kills the authenticity factor of the blade.  
- Raffaele, December 24, 2015 | Verified Purchase
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I love this thing. It is beautiful! Light and useable at the same time !
- Mark, August 21, 2015 | Verified Purchase
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I saw all of the '5 star' reviews and felt obligated to offer a dissenting opinion.

Firstly, the handle is ridiculously tiny in both length and thickness, and barely fit within my, what I consider to be average sized hand.

Secondly, four days after receiving this sword, I dropped it on the DIRT; not on the cement or concrete or a wood floor, but just regular old dirt, and the handle exploded at the bulb, and on one side...

It probably just fell at the worst possible angle, but it was really quite shocking. The only reason I give this a 2, is because the blade itself is very sturdy and durable, and still holds up with it's now 100% duct tape handle...
- Daniel, July 25, 2015
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An absolutely outstanding weapon; great balance for the type and frightenly quick; this scimitar is dangerous when sharpened and it can deliver ferocious draw cuts. It is one of your absolutely best offerings. The grip and quillions appear to be closely derived from a weapon captured by Capt.Decatur (USN)in the Tripoli pirate suppressions. If I'm not mistaken, he carried the weapon regularly for the rest of his Naval career. Joe Brown.
- Judge Joe, December 27, 2008
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