San Diego Comic Con & Other News

Did you miss us? We told you we'd be back and hope you find our little info source a good daily fix not only for our products, but with news of all sorts that is mostly relevant.

We are proud to announce our latest partnership with Paramount Pictures! We have secured the license for props and clothing/costumes from the classic Braveheart and Sleepy Hollow hits. Yes, we know a few things have drifted out through the years, but you'd be surprised when you do your homework how, ah, not entirely accurate they are in either design, materials or both.

If you want what Mel Gibson, Johnny Depp or Christina Ricci really wore (in the movie that is) you'll get it here. Plus Simon Atherton, the prop armorer who did the set work for Braveheart, has worked hand-in-hand with us to make our sword the best and most definitive version available. FREEDOM!

We didn't fully realize how cool all the outfits were in these movies and we couldn't wait to get our hands on this project. The Sleepy Hollow items are great for Victorian and Steampunk as well. Coming late 2009. Don't make me send the headless horseman after you, just buy the stuff alright?
San Diego: If you didn't get your ticket for Comic Con in San Diego July 22-26 this year you can't get it now either. It sold out ages ago, but at least let me tell you what you would have seen if you could go:

MARVEL - Tony Stark's RT unit (light-up "heart"), his Iron Man 03 helmet and Hugh Jackman's incredible leather motorcycle jacket & dog tag from X-1. Each replica made absolutely real, in authentic materials and cool as $#$%^!

STAR WARS - fully approved outfits for pre-sale, yep they'll see their debut. Imperial Officers (green & black), Obi-wan, Luke, Padme and some teases as well.

CONAN - our newest polyurethane armor and weapons made specifically for the greatest barbarian of all time! The first, one and only officially licensed Conan set endorsed by the Robert E. Howard Estate. Whooooooo!

Of course you'll see more as well if you're one of the lucky ones to make it out, but best of all you get the chance to meet our great staff including me. Who wouldn't want that? At our booth you'll meet Pradeep & Ranit Windlass, two owners of the Windlass companies, Dave DiPietro Products & Marketing Director and Robin Chaudhuri VP of Licensing and National Sales Manager. Booth 2913N in the Lucasfilm pavilion, but enough about us...

Have a grrreat weekend.
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