Roman Gladiator Kidney Belt


This wide kidney belt is crafted of aged-dyed leather. Features three adjustable straps with antiqued brass buckles for a secure fit.


This wide kidney belt offers great protection in the coliseum. Made of an aged-dyed leather, the belt has three adjustable straps with antiqued brass buckles for a secure fit. Brown, it comes in L/XL size (fits waist size up to approximately 50"). S/M (fits waist size up to approximately 38") sold out.


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Kidney Belt
I got this to support my back and lessen back pain.  It does both well and is non-restrictive to movements.  Not only that but offers good protection both from trauma and cuts being about ¼” thick, which means about ½” thick where there is an overlap, and about ¾” thick where there is an overlap involving the belts.  I have more overlap, protecting my mid section, than shown in the photo.  The leather is of excellent quality and the belt well constructed.  Glad I bought it.  However I found two issues and overcame both.  Having a 38” waist I ordered S/M and the sucker would fall to the floor with no resistance.  I just relocated one rivet in each belt, and punched new holes in the belts.  A few of the factory rivets popped.  That issue may have been corrected by now, I bought mine several years ago.  
I would give this 4 stars due to the issues stated above, but when clicking so I get a 3 star rating and the belt deserves better than that.  So MRL gives me a choice of 3 or 5 stars with nothing in between.
- Paul, February 10, 2018
Epic belt!
The entire belt is thick leather and seems very well made. Looks and feels great, slims me down and adds a layer of protection for sparring.

The only caveat is sizing! I have a 44" waist so I ordered the L/XL originally. It was HUGE and I had to exchange it. By my measurement the S/M fits 41” to 48” waists, the L/XL fits 48” to 55”

The problem with the rivets seems to have been fixed, mine go all the way through and are sturdy.
- Kevin, December 24, 2017
Great leather with a really nice color to it. Mine hve a more reddish tint to them that pictured, but thats ok. Whats not ok is that the manufacturer seems to have opted for the cheapest rivets imaginable; as both of the two that I ordered ( one for me and one for a friend) lost rivets upon the first wearing. I would appreciate a bit more Quality Assurance in the future
- Jeremy, June 05, 2012
The leather is of exceptional quality but the rivets could have been done better. They seem to be just glued into place instead of actually riveted.
- Benjamin, September 28, 2011
- Alex, May 20, 2011
Belt is made of a very strong, sturdy leather, and feels protective. Fits well and the buckles are easy to manage.
- Brad, December 25, 2008
Great construction very comfortable did not restrict movements.
- albert, December 12, 2008

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