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Roman Commander Vambraces


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The wrist armor of a Roman Officer: these detailed vambraces are hand formed from steel, plated in brass and antiqued to accurately capture the screen used look. A full 7" long, they are lined in suede with thick leather thong lacing.


These are really kinda crappy.Bad welds,corrosion,and unfinished edges . Also HUGE!!! Like Titan sized.Too big even to use as greaves!!! YO! India! All Americans are not grossly freakin' obese! Even if I wore a SUPER puffy SNOWSUIT still way,way,WAY too large.Sigh.Windlass,wtf? Sending these back as well.Boo Hiss!!
From: Yvonne, March 10, 2015
From: John, April 17, 2011

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