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Murmillo Gladiator weilding Hasta Statue Sculpture Figurine

Murmillo gladiators used a variety of weapons in the arena. This statue has this fighter wielding a hasta, or trident. Overall: 9-1/2" tall

Murmillo Gladiator with Gladius Statue Figurine

Made of resin, this awesome statue depicts the Murmillo styled gladiator, one of the most popular fighters in the Roman Coliseum, wielding a deadly gladius. Overall: 10" tall.

Emperor Hadrian Statue

This statue depicts Emperor Hadrian, who ordered the Roman Army to construct the mighty Hadrian’s Wall in northern Ancient Britain. Shown in his finest parade armor, this resin statue has the look and feel of antique bronze.

Julius Caesar Statue

This cold cast resin statue of one of the most famous Roman politicians and military generals in history is shown in his armor after his triumphs in Gaul.

Pompeii Metal Cuff

This metal cuff is made of intricate brass filigree with a large brown polished stone in the center. Cuff measures 5".

Spartacus Statue

This statue of the gladiator Spartacus in his full armor is manufactured of cold-cast resin and then metalized with an antique bronze finish.

Sword of Rome Letter Opener

This letter opener is a full-metal, miniature version of the Sword of the Rome Gladius (501453). Made in Spain. Overall length of 6”.

Roman Legionnaire Statue

This statue of the famous Roman legionnaire has been recreated in amazing detail, down to the straps on his lorica segmentata. Manufactured in resin with an antiqued bronze finish. Measures 13-3/4” tall.