Half a century before the dawn of Christianity, the Roman Empire had become the richest nation the world had ever seen.  A magnificent sprawling empire founded on principles of power and blood, it was a society where soldiers could rise up from provincial commoners to become national heroes and leaders of the Republic.  MuseumReplicas.com is proud to present our magnificent line of replica Roman body armor, weapons and clothing, paying homage to the great empire that once was, when all roads led to Rome.

Roman Gladius and Weapons

Gladiators will find a selection of Roman weapons online at Museumeplicas.com

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Roman Armor

Armor for the Legions of Rome and all the proper historical accessories can be found at Museum Replicas.

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Roman Costumes and Accessories

Gladiator and Officers alike will find authentic clothing at MuseumReplicas.com from our line of high quality costumes from the Roman times. 

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Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Euro-Spearhead

This is a fantastic spearhead. Looks great on the shaft and holds up well. Works for many time periods.
Reviewed by: Dan, January 21, 2019

Review of: Legion Tunic

It's the right color and can adapt to the basic armor underpinning and contrast for various Roman costumes.
Reviewed by: Warren, January 03, 2019

Review of: Roman Belt with Hanging Leather Strips

With its metallic gold disks, this piece does dress up the set of Roman armor I have displayed in my living room.
Reviewed by: Warren, January 03, 2019

Review of: Wooden Oval Roman Shield

This is an impressive piece which I prefer to display in my living room. It could be used for re-enactments or stage combat but I would not rather have its handsome surface scarred.
Reviewed by: Warren, January 03, 2019

Review of: Gladius - Maintz Pattern

This Mainz Gladius is my 5th sword I’ve bought from MR. Once again, I’m very happy with my purchase. Sword was received in perfect condition with a very sharp edge. Very authentic detailing, fine balance and great looking. Give it 5 stars and recommend to anyone interested in the classic Roman sword.
Reviewed by: Steven, December 29, 2018

Review of: Gladius - Maintz Pattern

This is my third sword I’ve bought from MR and once again very happy with the quality of my purchase. Gladius looks great with my other swords in my display. Look forward to my next purchase.
Reviewed by: Steven, December 23, 2018

Review of: Gladius - Maintz Pattern

Just received this sword and scabbard.  Both are amazing works of art!  No flaws, extremely sharp, and looks like it is ready to go on campaign anywhere in the empire.  I would recommend this to anyone looking to add a Roman piece to their collection.
Reviewed by: Ray, November 09, 2018

Review of: Leather Vambraces

Got this on deal of the day a while ago. The material is good leather. I got them for my Fiancé and he says they are comfortable to wear.
Reviewed by: Anastasia, September 28, 2018

Review of: Gladius - The Pompeii

best beginner gladius on the market, seriously its a light and fast sword and looks better in person then you would expect, sharpening service was also decent
Reviewed by: Nicholas, September 04, 2018

Review of: Roman Centurion Gladius

Excellent sword
Reviewed by: Brian, August 23, 2018