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Rings carries rings that are sure to please men and women for both costume and every day wear

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Agla Ring

This pewter band is engraved with five magical talismans of profit and protection. Agla - which stands for "Thou art mighty forever, O Lord" is under translucent purple enamel and surrounded by seals for love, memory, safety, and peace. Hand made in England of fine pewter. Available in sizes 9-1/2 & 11.

Demon Black & Angel White Rings

Sold together as a pair, each ring is inscribed with seven signatures; one with angels, the other of demons. Turn the rings and align the spirit’s signatures to summon their combined assistance and achieve a powerful range of objectives. Hand made in England of fine pewter. Available in sizes 7, 8-1/2 & 11.

Little Devil Ring

Bring out your 'Little Devil' with this naughty ring! This delicate pewter ring has a blood-red enameled Devil's heart flanked by two Swarovski white crystals. Hand made in England of fine pewter. Available in sizes 7 and 8-1/2.

Thor’s Hammer Pewter Signet Ring

This pewter ring shows the Viking icon of Thor’s legendary hammer Mjolnir on the front, with intricate knotwork displayed on the side. Plus, this powerful ring can be used as a signet to wax seal any of your important documents or just for fun!

Thor’s Runehammer Pewter Ring

This ring is handmade in England of fine pewter with an antique finish. The Viking symbol of Thor’s hammer is the focus of this ring, which also features runes on the sides.
$34.95 $24.95

Viking Runeband Ring

This Viking ring features Nordic runes which translate into “Poetry is in Battle.” Made in England of fine pewter.

Royal Pirate Stretch Ring

This ring features the Jolly Roger skull wearing a plundered crown. Elastic band enables fit for a wide range of sizes. Antique silver finish.

Discreet Canno-Digitus Ring

Blakely’s Discreet Canno-Digitus is for Her Majesty’s agent who needs concealable firepower in the extreme. The gleaming bronze miniature cannon (non-functional) is mounted in a pewter frame, chained to the ring for extra stability, and features a copper flip-up site. Ornate and yet functional, the cannon is not lacking in embellishments and details. Hand-made in England.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Thor’s Hammer Pewter Signet Ring

Very well made, nice weight, excellent ring.
Reviewed by: Elizabeth, May 28, 2019

Review of: Thor’s Runehammer Pewter Ring

this ring wears well and is surprisingly comfortable,a really good look.
Reviewed by: Daniel, July 30, 2018

Review of: Viking Runeband Ring

Reviewed by: david, December 11, 2016

Review of: Thor’s Runehammer Pewter Ring

Fits great and has a fantastic look!
Reviewed by: Michael, December 09, 2016

Review of: Viking Runeband Ring

I love this item,its very durable,and looks great.I wear it as a thumb ring,its very comfortable,and though made of pewter it is easy to clean and keeps it new look well.
Reviewed by: Daniel, July 19, 2016

Review of: Thor’s Runehammer Pewter Ring

I'm wearing mine now.  Excellent craftsmanship (as always from Alchemy Gothic) and a good way to deliver a blow from Thor's Hammmer Mjolnir in self-defense, if need be!
Reviewed by: Jordan, July 09, 2015