Ragnar Horn Necklace

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This men's necklace is made with highly polished black horn beads and features curved horns at either side, leading to a flattened horn pendant. The adjustable black cord allows it to be worn with a variety of Viking ensembles.


This mighty necklace is worthy of the man for which it was named, Ragnar Lothbrok, King of the Danes. Hand-carved and formed from real horn, this necklace consists of a corded string of black horn beads, leading into two mighty curved horns and a flattened trapezoidal pendant. All pieces have been brought to a high polish. A stunning addition to almost any Viking ensemble. Rear of necklace has an adjustable beaded cord, allowing for a variety of lengths. Necklace measures 36" in circumference at its widest opening.

Note: This necklace is made of a natural product, so color and tone may vary slightly from piece to piece.


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