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Carved Horn Cup Set

This set of 2 hand-carved horn cups are safe for drinking. They measure approximately 6” in height and hold 8 oz. of your favorite beverage.

Celtic Cross Tir-Na-Tog Tankard

This lovely Tir-Na-Tog tankard is made in England of fine drinkable pewter and has been stamped with intricate Celtic crosses surrounded by lavish knotwork.

Georgian Tankard

This wonderful pewter tankard features a curved tulip shaped bowl popular in the 1700's, making this perfect for Colonial place settings. A lavish Georgian scroll handle completes this piece.

Horn Footed Serving Bowl

Perfect for Viking and Medieval settings, this stunning little bowl is made of hand-formed, real horn.

Horn Shot Glass Set

Genuine horn, perfect for Viking and Medieval events!

Loki's Mug

This mug represents Odin’s stepson Loki, the god of deception and mischief, and has a removable stainless steel inner cup to make clean up easy. Holds 13 oz. of your favorite beverage and is perfect for Viking and Medieval events!

Medieval Cheese Board Set

This wooden cutting board is shaped like a shield. Includes 3 stainless steel "knives" resembling medieval weaponry.

Octopus Martini Glass

This Steampunk inspired piece features a Captain Nemo inspired base made from cold cast resin with a metalized bronze and gold finish. A full-size glass martini glass mounted to the top.