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I had a lot of misgivings about this product when I ordered it. Once it came and I had it in my hands i realized it was just perfect. The size was just how I hoped it would be (I was thinking it would be too small). I have read the Thor comic book for years and i believe Ac's hammer design is better. Marvels Thor's hammer is mainly a brick with a stick.  Everything was very tight, and the weight felt good in my hand and arm.  It is not a pretty collectible, but it has an authentic feel to it. I have mainly collected blades over the years but this is an exception. I think everyone must have one!
James | May 13, 2017
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This hammer looks great, better than in the picture.  However, after only having it about a week and just from holding and lightly swinging it, the head has become loose on the haft.  This isn't a huge deal as this is a wall-hanger type piece, but it is a bit disappointing.  Also, the description says that the head is solid but I can hear a little piece of something rolling around in there.  I wouldn't discourage anyone from buying it necessarily but be aware that it is not quite as solid as it looks.
Johnathan | July 21, 2017
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Awsome Hammer
I heard the stuff rattling around also and when tipped it expelled a fine black/silver dust.  Easily corrected by taking the head off the shaft and cleaning out the junk.  It is not solid but there is a lot of meat there.....Then I put it back together better than it was.....Owning this hammer does not make me the THUNDER GOD!!!......but it does make me the undisputed Mayor of Nerdville!
Terry | December 22, 2017
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