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Pre-Lim is a paste designed for non-scratch stain removal, cleaning and freshening of many surfaces, especially metals and enamels. Produces a silky, smooth finish.


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Pre-Lim is a mildly abrasive, creamy paste designed for non-scratch cleaning, stain removal and freshening of many surfaces, especially metals and enamels. In addition it can be used for china, feathering repairs to ceramics, air-brushed glazed surfaces and creates a fantastic "brushed finish" for metals (i.e. knife blades). Pre-Lim produces a brilliant silky, smooth finish.

Its formulation is based on a blend of Neuburg silica chalks in a buffered emulsion of petroleum distillates (white spirit) and water with emulsifier and thickener. It is benign with no notable health hazards and is non-flammable. Protective clothing is not required.

Apply with a soft rag, rubbing gently. After a few minutes of air-drying the residual chalky deposit is easily cleaned off with a new soft rag/cloth.

Shelf life is excellent when the product is stored in air-tight container at normal room temperature or colder.  7 oz jar.

PRE-LIM (short for "preliminary") was formulated and launched in 1970 by Picreator Enterprises, Ltd., London, England (the manufacturer of "RENAISSANCE" and other materials for professional conservation and restoration). It is used in the arms and armories, specialist clubs, various institutions, private individuals, etc...worldwide.


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