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Sport Feder - HEMA Sparring Longsword

The Kingston Arms Sport Feder is an answer to the clubs, beginners, and even seasoned practitioners who want a light, fast, safe, and affordable sparring sword for HEMA longsword sparring. This federschwert was designed to be safe in the thrust by flexing in the last third of the blade while keeping the rest of the sword stiff in the bind.

LARP Roman Spatha Sword

Epic Armoury’s Spatha is a short latex-hybrid sword inspired by the Roman gladius. This hybrid model sword will give you confidence in the safety and appeal of your weapon on the battlefield.
$99.95 $84.95

LARP Crusader Sword

Epic Armoury’s Crusader is a short latex-hybrid sword inspired by European medieval sidearms. The sword has a straight double-edged blade with a long fuller. The crossguard features an intricate engraving design and protects a grip that narrows toward the matching pommel.
$99.95 $84.95

Rondel Training Dagger

This Santoprene training dagger from Cold Steel has a triangular blade with a round, knobbed tip for safety. The pommel and guard are beautifully fluted floret-themed disks. The cylindrical grip is cross-hatched and has small pimples for a secure grip. Perfect for solo practice, training drills, disarming drills, and LARPing.

Honshu Practice Broadsword

Constructed from the highest grade of polypropylene available and closely mimicking an actual Medieval broadsword in length, size, weight, and feel, United Cutlery's practice sword is virtually unbreakable, remarkably stiff and cut resistant.

Hanwei / Tinker Pommel Retention Nut

This replacement retention nut is for use on the recessed pommel nuts found on Hanwei blades and training swords. Listing is for a single pommel retention nut.

Practical Bastard Sword

The Practical Bastard Sword is a blade by Paul Chen / Hanwei suited to the rigorous use found in martial arts focused re-enactment. Built for the rigors of combat training, it has a high-carbon steel blade left un-edged and un-pointed to minimize injury.

Hanwei / Tinker Training Early Medieval Sword

The Early Medieval Single Hand Sword is a perfect example of the classic cruciform sword but in a blunt version suitable for practice.

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From the times of the Roman Gladiators, wooden swords have been used as a training tool. They allowed a warrior to practice full combat safely while preserving his precious steel for the real battle to come.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Practical XL Katana

This is a beautiful katana with simple high-quality furnishings, and very nice fit, and finish. It has the impressive XL blade geometry and build design, for heavier duty tameshigiri, and the sword is very well-balanced for its size and weight. The blade that I received has a beautiful hamon, and is very sharp. The tsuka-ito came tightly wrapped, and with nice equal size diamond shapes tied into the handle ito. The saya is a really nice quality high-gloss black piano lacquered saya, with a nice fit around the habaki, and a quality sageo. The katana arrived well-packaged and was shipped and arrived very fast. Thank you again.
Reviewed by: Edward, June 22, 2023

Review of: Hanwei/ Tinker Training Longsword

I bought this along with a sharp. It is decent construction and a good entry into long sword training. I do not regret buying it.
Reviewed by: Daniel, December 28, 2022

Review of: Practical Plus XL Light Katana

I have collected a lotta swords (and stuff). but I did NOT have a real katana. For a collector, that's like collecting guns and not having an M1911 - it's almost morally wrong. So, when I happened to come into some extra cash AND MR offered their awesome Black Friday deal, I decided it was time! I wanted one I KNEW was meant to use, so I went for the "practical" line. There were four, and after comparing I went for the most expensive one... I wanted it to LOOK good too, and I also wanted the longer type with a typical handle length. I am sure fully pleased!! Just even looking at it, it was plain this was no-foolin' good steel, not some chromed crap...., and a big hunka hunka steel it is. Thick, hefty and sharp (in case you were wondering, as I was), but not out of balance. No loose fittings anywhere. Simple, but beautiful to the eye. It is exactly what I was looking for!
Reviewed by: Gordon, December 03, 2020

Review of: Tourney Hand and a Half Sword

Great sword! Absolutely love the look and feel. I haven't used it in training yet but I have no doubt that this sword can take a beating. My only issue is that the tip end of the blade does not have much flex. Maybe not the best sword for hard sparing. All and all this sword seems to be a great training partner against a Pell.
Reviewed by: John, December 01, 2020