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Pompeii Metal Cuff


This Pompeii Metal Cuff is a large imposing bracelet made of intricate brass filigree with a large brown polished stone in the center.
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This Pompeii Metal Cuff is a large imposing bracelet made of intricate brass filigree with a large brown polished stone in the center.  Cuff measures 5" in length.


These Cuffs are what I would picture a merchant in the market place selling. The scroll work is beautiful, but flawed in some areas, making this a one of a kind item. I ordered two and found that the stones were different. So if your looking for identical cuffs, you might be disappointed. At first I thought they were of a Halloween grade, just prop cuffs. But the further I inspected them, the more I noticed how nice they felt and the shaping was easy to accomplish. Thanks again MRL for make another part of history available.
From: Alex, May 01, 2017

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