Pole Axe


This pole axe features a high carbon blade and langets to protect the shaft. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts. Overall: 68"
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We ran across this pole axe in a private collection and immediately decided we needed to replicate it. With a long history of use, the pole axe was very popular in the lists, with the winner being decided by the number of blows fairly struck. It was also quite popular for use on the field of battle. With a good sharp point it could be used as a short spear, the back or spike could be used to pierce armor, and the axe head itself was quite lethal. Superb copy, with a high carbon blade and langets to protect the shaft. A magnificent example of a pole arm. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts. ($10.00 additional shipping/handling)
  • Overall: 68"
  • Head Spike: 10" wide
  • Wt: 4 lbs/12 oz


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Great Pole Axe!
I have been wanting this for years and finally ordered it. It did not disappoint. This is one impressive pole weapon. When you consider the price there is nothing that comes close. If you're still on the fence there is no helping you. Just get it!
- Dan, November 25, 2019 | Verified Purchase
Excellent Pole Axe.
Well worth the wait for it to be back in stock! Received in great condition. Attention to detain in manufacturing and assembly. I am proud to display this Pole Axe as a representative medieval war item. Highly recommend. Thanks again Museum Replicas and Windlass Steelcrafts.
- HOWARD, July 23, 2019 | Verified Purchase
Very nice!! Wanted this pole axe for the longest time. Finally ordered it, and I was very happy when it arrived. Solidly made and great to handle! What I did not like, was that there was no sharpening service available. I had to sharpen it myself, so it is not as good as it would have been, if a professional service had done it. Besides that, I am extremely happy with it!!!
- Donald, November 24, 2016 | Verified Purchase
I really enjoy this. Mine was back ordered , so it it took a little while, but it was worth the wait.
- Guest, July 29, 2014
I love this Pole Axe.  Very strong and nicely made.  
- Drew, March 30, 2013 | Verified Purchase

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