Pirate's Triple Threat Pistol Baldric

Manufacturer part number: DK2036



This Triple Threat Pistol Baldric is for the serious Pirate who needs to be armed at all times. Handmade from quality leather, it features three holsters that will work wonderfully for blunderbuss as well as western style pistols. The baldric is made from 3 inch wide leather with two small antiqued brass buckles at the shoulder and brass eyelets along the front. The eyelets come in handy if you need to tie anything to the belt such as a small pouch, compass or telescope. There is one holster at the hip and two holsters across the chest. The pistols sit securely in the slightly angled holster so they to pull out with ease. The baldric comes in 3 fixed sizes and designed to be slipped on over the head. Great for LARP, steampunk and pirate ensembles.

Medium is 55", Large is 61" and X Large is 69". To determine size measure from your left hip up to your right shoulder and then down your back, back to your left hip. Choose the closest measurement to your own.  If you are 58", the Medium size will hang above your hip and Large size which will hang a little lower than your hip. Pistols are not included with the baldric. Ships separately, no express shipping available on this item.


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