Pirate Day Sale 2019

Avast, me hearties! September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! The occasion rich in pleasures for all ye sea-wenches and scallywags is just around the ocean’s bend.

So on this day, we asked ourselves “what be the most ‘pirate’ discount that we could be givin’?” The answer became clear, as if our parrot delivered it upon our shoulders, aye! The most “pirate” discount was none other than 20% off all things pirates. Ahoy! That be 20rrrrrrr percent, matey!

Now, this offer won’t be lastin’ long; starting from September 19th , they be Weighin’ up anchor and settin’ sail for the horizon on September 22nd.

So hurry! Use code PLUNDER



Black Pirate Vest

This vest is made of cotton velvet with polyester lining. Features gold and black trims decorated in a Napoleonic style and 18 antique brass buttons. Adjustable back strap. Dry clean only.

Caribbean Rogue Boots

These knee-high boots are made of soft faux leather, polyurethane. Comes with adjustable buckles and side zippers.

Wide Pirate Belt

This pirate belt complements any pirate outfit. Features large 5-1/4-inch antiqued brass buckle. Measures 56 inches long and 2-3/4 inches wide.

Tortuga Pirate Shirt

This shirt is made of polyester cotton blend with 6 lace-up ties in the front and 2 lace-up ties at the wrists.

Swordswoman's Shirt

This shirt, perfect for the female fighter, is designed with free-flowing sleeves, proportionately long, tapering, and laced cuffs, and a generous length, allowing freedom of movement and versatility as an outfit.

Calico Jack Pirate Flag

This flag of the infamous Calico Jack is crafted of indoor/outdoor nylon. Double sided with metal grommets. Measures 3' x 5'.

Scalawag Tricorn Hat

This pirate hat is made of 100% polyester textured to look like weathered suede. Elasticized strap around the perimeter of the inside. Two of the three sides have “x” straps sewn on it.

Renaissance Faire Blouse

This versatile blouse has adjustable shoulders with elastic straps under the armpits allowing on or off shoulder wear. The string neck tie has hidden elastic for an open or closed look, making this shirt suitable for dance, sword play, and fair- goers.