Pirate Costumes: Fashion on high seas

Pirate Costumes: Fashion on high seas

Pirates and pirate costumes are both equally soaked in the romance of adventures on choppy waters and high seas. Pirate costumes play a huge part in bringing to life the drama and characters from some of the most classic pirate tales infested with treasures, escapades, treachery & double-crossing. Early maritime fashion (11th and 12th century) was actually quite vanilla and nothing much to write home about – simple shirts, pants, and shoes. At the very best, early sailors would dye their clothes blue as a camouflage tool to hide from the enemy, beginning from the 16th Century and thereafter as ships went hurtling down the Golden Age of Piracy, they were known to stock up with something called a “slop chest,” which contained uniform supplies of basic clothing for the entire crew. “Slops” or “slopes” refers to a baggy style of garments. While the overall dressing favored function over fashion, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for sailors or pirates to customize or design their own style in clothing. Many pirates were actually quite good at sewing, a skill learnt from mending sails and such.

You can explore Museum Replicas for your high seas adventure with its full line of pirate costumes, weapons, clothing, and accessories. Its pirate bounty has everything you need to sail the Seven Seas, from a pirate cutlass to swords, sashes, boots, and flags. Museum replicas carry a full line of high-quality pirate costumes, shoes, and accessories for men. Its authentic pirate clothing is affordable and comfortable; perfect for re-enactors and faire goers.

When it comes to ladies, pirate costume ideas are a favorite at every Halloween. And you can choose from a wide variety of pirate coats, shirts, pants and skirts, along with a full line of pirate accessories that can add more than a dash of the exotic to complete the look you’ve been dying for. Anne Bonny and Mary Read are probably remembered as the most famous female pirates ever, but female pirate costumes aren’t exactly a historical accuracy. There is a good chance they wore pretty much what the men did. It is certainly not the pirate costumes that are a Halloween party favorite and nothing like Keira Knightley’s gorgeously ornate and perfectly tailored black pirate gown battle dress ensemble from Pirates of Caribbean: At World’s End.

But we’re in the realm where facts and fiction blur and fantasy rules, so nothing short of your imagination is needed to create your own pirate look to script your very own unique thrilling adventure.

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