Pilsen Rapier


This German sword has a knot shaped basket, steel parts and textured leather over wood grip. The blade is high carbon steel and tempered. The scabbard has decorative throat and tip. Overall 44-3/4 inches.
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We found this rare rapier in an old catalog of antique weapons, which had described it as German, and felt we should reproduce it. The hilt shows design aspects of some larger swords, but the knot shaped basket is very unusual and we hadn’t seen its like before.

The sword is light and quick and balances in the hand nicely. The parts are steel and the grip is textured leather over wood. The blade is high carbon steel and tempered to a good spring. The scabbard has a highly decorative throat and tip. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.


Attribute nameAttribute value
Overall Length44-3/4"
Blade Length36"
Blade Width1"
Blade Thickness1/4"
Grip Length4"
Material1065 High Carbon Steel


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Write a Review
My perfect rapier
I'm very grateful I ordered this while I could. I'd been looking a while for a  rapier with as little flash as I could find, and this is it. I'm not a big fan of all the basket hilts and swept guards, and at this point if I want a rapier with nothing besides the cross guard, I'll probably have to get it custom made.
Enter this beauty. It's a little cramped inside the guard, but not to the point of being uncomfortable or hurting your technique. The weight of the blade is good, and the craftsmanship is nearly perfect. It's a bit longer than most rapiers, but for a guy who's over 6' tall, that suits me just fine.
If you're lucky enough to find this sword, do yourself a favor and get it.
- Stephen, September 18, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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Beautiful & swift.
Stunning rapier. Light & swift. Very elegant, and very well put together. I highly recommend this piece.
- John, August 06, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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The Pilsen Rapier
This is one great sword. The Pilsen Rapier is a must have for sword collectors. The scabbard is very well made. I recommend This sword.
- Daniel, July 19, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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Light and balanced but tight hilt.
A bit tight in the hilt, but it is very light and responsive.
- Eric, December 22, 2018 | Verified Purchase
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Great Rapier!
I bought this as a gift for my fiancé and he loves it! It’s good quality for the price. We’ve had it for over two years now and there are no signs of rusting or anything coming apart. I would recommend it.
- Anastasia, September 26, 2018
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Great Rapier
I like my Pilsen, in fact it has spoiled me as I don’t think that I’ll find another rapier in my price range that I’d happier with.  I needed to work on it a little at first though.  It has a stiff blade, is lively, and controllable.  

For a more detailed review I have one here https://sbg-sword-forum.forums.net/thread/43509/pilsen-rapier-windlass .  Unfortunately the forum’s administrator chose to use the first post as part of his monthly newsletter and in doing so transferred the first post, there were several as I updated it over time, and in doing so deleted some parts and duplicated the other parts making it redundant.  What’s left of the original post is in “SBG Buyers Guide” under the name pgandy.  I don’t know why he couldn’t have copied the desired parts and left the post alone.  By scrolling down on the link above you will see the updates as the progressed.
- Paul, August 12, 2018
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I waited a few years to make this purchase, and was lucky enough to grab it on the DotD. It comes unsharpened, and completely blunt, but has a very fine point. The blade steel is superlative, and has the optimal balance between spring and rigidity. There is certainly no whip, and I can only get it to flex on thrusts into hard targets.I sharpened mine, and the edge is fine enough to shave with. It balances well, and is beautiful when worn on the hip. I paired mine with the fancy rapier carrier offered here on MRL. I recently wore this at the Canterbury renfaire, and received many compliments on it. This is by far the favorite piece in my collection.
- Christian, August 05, 2016
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This is the 7th item I have purchased from Museum Replicas Limited. This Rapier is an excellent sword. The hilt is practical and provides a complex twisted steel basket to protect the hand. The pommel is fat and has weight to balance the blade. The double edged blade is well made and has correct flex and spring. The sheath is well made with very pretty etched hardware. It never ceases to amaze me that people complain about their purchases from Museum Replicas Limited. For all practical purposes they are only paying for the materials to build an edged weapon. Especially at Deal Of The Day prices A custom built sword would cost in the many hundreds or thousands of dollars to have made. I have yet to receive a perfectly made weapon made by Windlass Steelcrafts with no flaws. I have the ability to repair or make better small imperfections. Keep up the good work and good prices and I will keep buying your products.
- Gerald, May 27, 2016 | Verified Purchase
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I am a big fan of Windless Steel and have rated every one of my blades with five stars, but not this time.  The pictures show a mated hilt and scabbard, but the ricasso has roughly two inches exposed between the basket and quillions and the scabbard, exposing the blade to moisture and rust.  The woven basket/knots are not symmetrical, and do not provide an exact fit when the blade is in the scabbard.  The blade is irregular showing tool marks, although the line is true within acceptable tolerances, but one quillion has burring and striations that snag on fabric and abraid skin.  The pommel shows pitting, and the scabbard is made up of two thin pieces of leather, stitched loosely under a connecting band of matched leather.  The blade is heavier than expected for a dueling weapon, and is slow on recovery.  I got this as a "Deal of the Day," as I did with the Brandenburg Rapier (5 stars), and it is worth it, if the original was actually priced at $125.00.  So that we're clear, I own a Brandenburg Rapier, Stiklstad Viking and Costille Swords, a Seax and a Kindjal, all of which I have rated with five stars.  I'm happy to have the Pilsen Rapier in my collection, but this is assuredly not up to Windlass Steel's otherwise impeccable standards.
- Allen, May 26, 2016 | Verified Purchase
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Excellent Rapier. My sword and scabbard match. I am very happy with the quality of the swords I have purchased.
- LTC Kenyon, December 31, 2014 | Verified Purchase
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It's an absolutely beautiful sword.  Everything fits tightly and the sword is very well balanced in my hand.  The only criticism is that the scabbard and the hilt don't match (grey leather hilt, brown scabbard), but that is a very minor complaint.
- Bruce, September 09, 2011 | Verified Purchase
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