Owning your own suit of armor

Few things can stand out in your home as much as a full suit of armor. No matter what style of culture or what age is originates from, a suit of armor really draws the eye. There are numerous reasons to want a complete suit to grace your home. You could want it for the reassurance of personal protection. If a zombie outbreak comes around you'll be better prepared than the guy without it, that's for sure. Another reason to own such a commanding display is to honor your heritage. Many people like to pay homage to their ancestors who would have donned such gleaming suits before a battle. Still others might be interested in the mystic majesty that emanates from these silent sentinels. Who hasn't seen a movie or show that had corridors lined with full suits of armor that sprang to life in times of need? Realistically that won't happen, but it can provide a comforting thought or two. Museum Replicas carries FIVE different suits of armor for sale, ready to stand vigil in the home of a new lord or lady. The Royal Armoury in Madrid, has one of the biggest and richest collections of armours in the world, and contains pieces principally of the 16th century age of Carlos I. This is where Marto takes it's inspiration reproducing them in materials very similar to the original ones and Museum Replicas proudly offers these suits of armor for the private owner. So if you are looking to adorn your home with one of these fantastic sets, whether it be for protection, costuming, tribute or just fun, check them out on the Museum Replicas (MRL) website!

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