Othala Viking Bearded Axe Set


Provoke your inner wanderlust with this heirloom-quality set, complete with a Viking-inspired axe, a hand-forged skinning knife, and a wooden display/storage box engraved with knotwork and Norse dragons.
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Braid your skegg (beard) and don your Spangenhelm, because this Viking-inspired axe is designed to provoke your inner wanderlust. The handsomely finished handle is engraved with an elder Futhark Othala rune, associated with inheritance and ancestral land, to remind you of your home as you conquer new territories. This is an heirloom quality set, complete with a hand-forged skinning knife and wooden display/storage box engraved with knotwork and Norse dragons.

The axe: The narrow-bladed axe head is reminiscent of Viking-era bearded axes found all over Norway and enables this axe to perform as a stout chopper that’s light enough to be used with one hand if desired. The American Hickory haft is stained deep brown. It features a groove that runs most of its length and is accented at the ends with brass tacks. The leather grip has been given an aged finish to look “experienced”.  This set includes a leather blade cover for safe carry. Overall: 24" long. Axe Head: 6” wide, 5-3/4” cutting edge. Blade Material: 1075 Carbon Steel. Wt: 2 lbs / 3 oz.

The knife: The mini skinner has a rough forged finish and is creatively hand-shaped with a ring grip that finishes with an artistic curlicue at the end. The leather sheath for this knife is provided with a leather thong long enough for neck, waist or shoulder carry. Overall: 4-3/8". Blade: 2-3/8". Wt: 2.3 oz.

Inside, the bottom of the wooden box is lined with black velvet. Two leather straps buckle your axe safely in place and the box’s brass hinges and clasp locks are antiqued. Box measures 26-1/2" x 7-3/4" x 2-3/4”.


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