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Viking Nutcracker

Björn will wreak havoc on the uncooperative nuts around your house. This decorative wooden Viking Nutcracker is complete with a horned helmet, war axe, and shield, and is lavishly adorned for winter with faux fur.

Peg Leg Pirate Nutcracker

This brightly attired wooden pirate nutcracker holds a jolly roger flag and a cutlass. He has a cloth bandana and sash, and of course, a peg leg. Completed with faux fur hair and a beard.

Wizard Nutcracker

Let this wizard nutcracker lend his magic touch. He is hand-crafted in wood with faux fur trim and hair, and a cotton twill hat. A highly detailed white owl sits on his left hand, and a white tree completes the starry night theme of the wizard’s robe.

Winged Dragon Glass Ornaments Set of 3

This set of 3 glass dragons will add gothic or medieval bedazzlement anywhere they are hung. Each hand-blown glass dragon ornament is unique and ready to glisten but without fire! Each is over 4-1/2" tall.

Hand-Blown Glass Dragon & Sword Ornament

This glass dragon holds a clear sword and sparkles like a jewel. Hand-blown glass dragon is purple and black with gold highlights. Each one is unique!

Olive Wood Large Flared Cross

This large flared cross is made from olive wood and was handcrafted in Bethlehem by the Giacaman Family. The family uses the olive branches pruned from olive groves, trees are never cut down for the wood. The branches are dried for a year or more before the wood is ready for use. Great care is taken in selecting, drying, and carving, to showcase the beautiful grains of each piece. Small cracks, imperfections, and grain variation are part of their natural appeal.

Medieval Helms Totem Ornament

This ornament stacks a Santa hat, a Great Helm, a Norman Helm, and a Pigface Bascinet Helm in a tribute to the armor designed to protect kings and castles! Measures 5" tall!

Cicles the Gothic Dragon Ornament

Gothic beast Cicles is named for the monster icicles that rule the mythological portal of Winter Wonderland. Expertly hand-painted in metallic tones, artist Liam Manchester has created an ornament that reflects festive lights. Measures 4-1/2" tall!

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