Official Props and Clothing Licensee for the World of Warcraft and 300

Have a seat and relax, cause I'm going to wow you with WOW (could I get cornier?)! Don't answer that.

First, what are we going to do? Full size and miniature weapons, armor, helmets, clothing, banners, flags and tunics. But wait, don't act yet, we'll also throw in this set of steak knives! OK, no steak knives (unless their from the game).

Quite a list, specifics to follow. If you play or know someone who does, spread the word that not only is this incredible game going to be a major motion picture, but you'll be able to bring a piece of this amazing world home to cherish. C'mon, you know you want it.
Second, our graphic novel license with Frank Miller has gotten off to a rousing start. The first three items from 300 have been received extremely well and the first shipments are nearly sold out. And why not, they're amazing and just as Frank envisioned them. (By the way, he's really great to work with.) Didn't think we'd let it stop there did you? Next is a real Spartan cape and the broach Frank designed, plus their armor and yes, the leather, ah covering for the nether regions.
Prepare for Glory, but before you do grab a thigh master and start doing a lot of sit ups. Pretty please...
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