New Nylon Practice Swords

High-Grade Synthetic Practice Swords

Museum Replicas is proud to announce that we are now carrying these awesome practice weapons! If you're looking for some real training, or just a good medieval spar, look no further. From Europe come these high-grade, nylon practice swords. Museum Replicas will be the exclusive distributor for these weapons in North America.

 One Handed Sword


About these Nylon Swords:

These swords are designed as the ultimate training tool. They can be used like a waster for Drilling and Pell Work and can also be used for Sparring (with appropriate protection).

The Blades are constructed to flex in the last 1/3 towards the tip. This gives us a blade that can be used for thrusting (protection should ALWAYS be worn) without being whippy. The blade/tang joint (traditionally a weak point) is reinforced by a steel rod running along the full length of the handle. This also removes any flex in the handle traditionally associated with plastic training swords.

The Standard Guard is constructed from nylon. The ball shaped quillons are designed for safety when sparring (large surface area = less chance of being impaled).

They are modeled using the same dimensions as seen on an existing 15th Century Longsword. This is a nice example of a historical design that helps us with safe sparring.

The slide on Grips is constructed from a thermoplastic elastomer to provide the feel of leather over wood. They offer excellent impact absorption without feeling spongy.
The Pommel is constructed from nylon. This provides the swords balance and makes them safer than metal pommels for pommel strikes. A brass nut is molded into the pommel to provide a tight metal on metal joint to the tang.

The swords can be taken apart easily by unscrewing the pommel. This not only makes transporting them easy: it also allows you to customize your sword with a range of interchangeable parts (available separately).
The swords weigh about 2/3 of the weight of a real sword. This is designed to lower the impact when sparring. The weight is kept back towards the hilt further lessening this impact. They are very well balanced and are heavier than most wooden wasters on the market.


This range of swords is manufactured in the U.K to the highest quality. They are constructed from high grade nylon (U.K. sourced for quality control) instead of cheaper polypropylene used by other manufacturers. Nylon offers much greater durability, impact resistance and performs in a wider range of temperatures.

Recycled materials are used when available. While this does not reflect in the quality of the product it does lessen the impact on the planet.


Drilling & Pell Work – Excellent balance and durability make these swords an ideal training tool. Change parts such as complex hilts make them excellent for a variety of disciplines.

Theatre & T.V. – Nylon swords are safer than steel/aluminum and spray up very easily. The variety of change parts will provide the means to make many different styles of sword at a very low cost.

Safe Training/Transportation in Public – Society is increasingly cracking down on the carrying of weapons in public places. These training swords are much more  acceptable in public than steel swords. They can also be disassembled very quickly for easy transportation.


To produce this line,  we worked very closely with the HEMA/WMA community to give them the product that they wanted.

Dave Rawlings, founder of the Boars Tooth Fight School was the catalyst behind this range and he has thoroughly tested and endorsed these products.

The new synthetic swords have been developed by HEMA practitioners for HEMA practitioners, using our experience of the last decade of training and competition.  They behave more like original steel swords than other synthetic swords, and they handle more like antique swords than many of the steel replicas out there. Being plastic, they offer far greater safety than steel weapons.  This increased safety, coupled with realism, should enable us to take our arts to the next level, particularly in competitive bouting.
Matt Easton
Schola Gladiatoria -UK

The new sparring range is something we have been waiting and hoping on for many years.  The first mass produced, affordable and realistic western martial arts simulators available will allow the Western martial arts to be a lot more accessible, whilst allowing our current members to train to very high intensity levels whilst remaining safe.    

This new range of training swords will transform what we do in the club, bringing beginners and advanced students together and allowing us much more flexibility for melee games and scenario based training, as well as full contact tournaments, they really cannot come soon enough! 

Michael Thomas and Nick Thomas, Instructors of the Academy of Historical Fencing - UK