Numb skulls, more licensing and Marines oh my

OK, here are the principle trouble makers and general numb skulls behind our madness- Robin Chaudhuri (General Manager), Dave DiPietro (Marketing) and Ranit Windlass (Vice President)- never hurts to have a Windlass in your corner. Of course, there is a cast of dozens, sometimes hundreds that are needed to pull off our zany ideas, and we're fortunate and grateful that Windlass Steelcrafts, Atlanta Cutlery & Museum Replicas staff members put up with us.

Anyway... Have we shocked the licensing world again after Marvel? Possibly. We're in negotiations for a few more exciting properties to geek out about and updates will be posted here. So y'all come back now, y'hear.

Finally, on a serious note, we know some of our brave soldiers overseas have chosen ACC bowies as their personal preference for close-quarters-combat and other tasks. That's the biggest compliment we could ever hope for and we're extremely grateful to them- not just for their choice, but for their service. Come home safe.

In honor of those that serve our freedom we will be designing an exclusive combat bowie featuring elements they prefer to be introduced in their honor this fall. Of course we'll keep you posted right here.

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