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Viking Ship Votive Holder

Cast a Nordic aura over your study or den or reenact a Viking funeral (without having to burn your ship!). This hand-painted Viking longship makes an attractive addition to your collection of Nordic ware. Made from cold cast resin and highly detailed with appropriate period scrollwork. Includes 2 glass tea light holders

Thracian Gladiator Miniature Helmet

Made from cold cast resin, this small, silver-colored statue features a hand-painted design that is like the helmets worn by gladiators. This design features a unique animal crest and ringed face armor that gave a gladiator maximum visibility and fresh air while providing protection for the face. The rounded brim acted as a visor, much like modern baseball caps. Gold-colored accents adorn the top of the helmet.

Viking Ship Shot Glass Holder

This shot glass holder has all the intricate beauty of a Viking longship but with a friendlier purpose! This hand-painted cold-cast resin ship comes with 3 shot glasses.

Viking Longship Model

This model is constructed of cold-cast resin and hand-painted. Includes stand for both desktop or tabletop display. A great item to add to any collection.

Khula Khud Helmet

This solid brass helmet has been skillfully engraved with a highly detailed floral pattern. The mail aventail is also made of brass and protects the neck, shoulders, and sides of the face . The brass nasal bar is also ornately embellished and is designed to protect the nose from sword blows.