New Products & Shipping

Our newest Marvel products, Wolverine's leather motorcycle jacket w/ dog tag and Tony Stark's Arc Reactor are in production and will be ready to ship to us soon. We should be able to hit a December date for you and make Xmas a little more special. Right? You were planning on buying these yes? Am I just wasting my typing here?

And great news for all you Captain America fans, there are a few shields left. Sadly from orders we've had to cancel, but it leaves you a great opportunity. 

You like Nick Fury? I got your Nick Fury, we've got some uber cool stuff coming direct issue from SHIELD for next year. Of course Iron Man 2 is keeping us busy so we can hit that movie release date for you in May.

We're in prototype phase with Ubisoft and are looking at a 2nd Q release. Well worth the wait, the outfit is way cool and complex. I'm starting to see Ezio in my dreams, at least I think they're dreams...

This great new line will start shipping in Dec with a few more items to follow next year. You didn't think that was it did you?

We'll do our best so you have The Force under the tree this year, but January might be more accurate.

Stormtrooper is off and running. We should be able to take pre-orders in January and start shipping in March. We've finalized nearly every detail and are happy (and we think you will be too) with the results. If we don't sell garrison's of armor (after I get mine of course, yes I'm kinda short for a Stormtrooper yadda, yadda, yadda) the Empire is going to be pretty mad and who wants that?

Plus we stumbled onto some of the old MR FX lightsabers. A rare find since MR lost the license a few years back. The Hasbro ones are good, but nothing beats the original. They are complete, new and in their factory packaging.

There now stop bugging us. Just kidding, bug all you want we love the attention.

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