New Products and More

New License News:

We've made huge progress on Robin Hood, Harry Potter, Iron Man 2 and more. 2010 should be a great year for collectibles. Each has tentative dates of May for product release.
Product Shipping Update:

Marvel - the Wolverine jackets are in and shipping and the AR units from Iron Man should be here next week. Each shipment is selling through so get to it bub. There has been some question about Captain America lately and we want you to know a few of the 1940's shields both original and original variant are still available. I want a 'yes sir' out of you soldier! The classic round will make a return in the future.
Star Wars - still having minor issues with packaging, but product is on the way for Feb.
New Products from our latest catalogs:
Some Museum Replicas Highlights -
Some Atlanta Cutlery Highlights -
Wow, that's a lot of great stuff to go with our other great stuff. And remember if you have questions about any of our great items don't hesitate to call our great staff. Did the great part sink in? I thought repetition was good for memory retention? Or maybe it's just annoying, I can't remember.
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