New Catalogs Coming Soon

Wow, cool stuff afoot here. We just merchandised our new catalogs and we've got some really hot stuff from Remington, military issue from Blackhawk, gadgets never seen for all you spy guys, and other unique cutting tools we've designed for tactical use and even have some high-end collector pieces that are limited editions. September is going to be good, so make sure to call us anytime at 800-883-8838 and ask to be put on the mailing list, we'll send a few catalogs out at no cost to you...yep we like you that much.

We've got many great places for you to visit online, I'll try to keep this simple:

Museum Replicas for clothingweaponsarmor, etc. from the Greeks to the Renaissance, plus many licensed pieces from movies, books and more

Atlanta Cutlery for clothingmilitary items (surplus & replica), hunting, tactical and more from the Civil War up to today

Windlass Studios highlights many of our licensed pieces if you don't want to wade through history

While you're at the office pretending to work on your computer you could at least browse the sites. If your boss says anything tell him we sent ya'.

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