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Munich Sword


This German Military sword has a tempered 1065 high carbon steel blade. Pommel and guard are steel. Grip is wood wrapped in wire. Overall 43-1/4 inches.
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Circa 1600
There are several of these swords in different private and public collections, one in the Wallace Collection and several at the Bavarian National Museum. It's a perfect example of a German military cut-and-thrust swept hilt carried by the Munich Town Guard. The slightly shorter blade and stout hilt were perfect for breaking up a street fight or tavern brawl, as the town guard was often employed to do, and was clearly intended for practical use.

One of the most practical and prolific swords we have ever offered. Has a well-tempered 1065 high carbon steel blade. The pommel and guard are steel and the grip is wood wrapped in twisted steel wire for a very positive hold. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts, includes scabbard.

Key Measurements: 

  • Overall: 43-1/4"
  • Blade: 34" long, 2-1/4" wide, 3/16" thick
  • Wt: 3 lbs

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Products specifications
Overall Length 43-1/4"
Blade Length 34"
Blade Width 2-1/4"
Blade Thickness 3/16"
weight 3lbs
Material 1065 High Carbon Steel
Edge Unsharpened
Sharpening Available
Engraving Available


My favorite sword do far. Incredible value for the money. It is absolutely beautiful to look at, well balanced for the weight, and arrived hair-shaving sharp - kudos to the sharpening service. This is a very versatile type of sword that lends itself to a variety of fighting styles, rapier or broadsword, and should be a good general representation of weapons used in the 30 Years War...a transitional period in warfare tactics from renaissance to early modern, that saw a large variety of blades used.
The sword is very functional weapon,it slices and stabs through milk bottles effortlessly. I did not test it on harder items since I did not want to mar the beautiful blade.
The only drawback for me was that the scabbard does appear a little flimsy and of questionable quality, but I understand they have to save money somewhere to be able to offer this sword at such an amazing price, and I rather have them save money on the scabbard than the blade.
Overall, you will NOT regret buying this.
From: Bernhard, October 06, 2017
I picked up this sword as a "Deal of the Day" purchase, and it was certainly a good price for what you get... a LOT of steel! The advertised weight of this beast is three pounds, but mine weighs well over half a pound more at nearly 3.6 pounds. This is a really attractive sword suitable for chopping through saplings and the occasional Plymouth.
If you were to picture a medieval bouncer in a rowdy Biergarten, then THIS would be the sword for him! This isn't made as a fencing or dueling sword since there's too much weight to it to be reasonably controllable. This was made to end a brawl or fight with one swing, and put the fellow DOWN.
If you weigh in at about 300+ pounds or are a body builder, then you might be able to control this sword, but if you're an average guy (or even a bit above average) then this is not a fencing weapon, but rather a solid steel hay-maker!
It's solid as a rock and nice looking so it would look fine for display. In a bad situation though, one need only strike once, and the threat is down... (miss however, and you'll have a lot of trouble bringing it back around!)
A fun sword!
From: , Guest, September 12, 2017
This is one of their better swords imo. Very well built, excellent handling.
From: Matthew, November 14, 2015
Wow.  What a beautiful sword.  I was thoroughly impressed when I received it.  My only complaint is that its heavy.  
From: Raffaele, August 02, 2015
A beautiful, lethal and well-made weapon. The sturdy guard protects the hand quite well and helps with the balance, giving it the feel of a lighter sword. This is what I'd carry if swords were still the best option for self defense. It's amazing this sword costs as little as it does.
From: Terry, July 07, 2015
As a sword, it is an all purpose brawling weapon. Too heavy to use against a trained fencer using either a short sword or a rapier, and too light to stand up to a two-handed battle sword, but as a compromise for a constable or peace officer who might face a single opponent or a dozen drunkards, it's excellent. As a Windlass product, it has great looks, immediately grabs everyone's attention, the steel is superior with no whip and a perfect taper both edge-on and on the flat. The sharpening process was much better than I expected. I accidentally shaved two layers of skin off a finger before I even felt it. I like it very much.
From: Robert W., June 25, 2015
This is my second Windlass Steelcrafts sword (Schiavona was my first).  This sword is solidly built, it's attractive, and the handling is nice. The wire wrap is very comfortable in bare hands. I would recommend it for anyone.
From: Gary, May 19, 2015
Beautiful weapon!

From: George, August 10, 2011

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Products specifications
Overall Length 43-1/4"
Blade Length 34"
Blade Width 2-1/4"
Blade Thickness 3/16"
weight 3lbs
Material 1065 High Carbon Steel
Edge Unsharpened
Sharpening Available
Engraving Available
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