Men’s Steampunk Costumes – Vibrant and Versatile

If you are looking for men's Steampunk costumes to wear to a party or an SCA event and are new to the genre, do not worry.  Granted, rivets, pocket watches, eccentric goggles and brass buckles can be a little overwhelming at first.  Still, Steampunk can be exciting as seen by the tremendous following it enjoys. Furthermore, this Victorian period inspired genre offers more leeway to experiment than others. So, for those new to Steampunk clothing, the following suggestions are a safe base to start with. Of course, you can always turn it up a notch or two if you so desire. 

For starters, a Steampunk man needs a good hat. Here, the most commonly worn headwear is the plain, tall top hat. Other hats you can try out are the Derby hat, flat top Gambler hat, and Deerstalker cap. What about the shirt? That should not be hard to manage. A plain solid colored shirt – preferably black or brown – will suffice. If you are intent on perfecting the Victorian gentleman look then go for the plain front Tuxedo shirt. The shirt can be complemented by proper neckwear, not the modern tie – they weren’t invented back then – but the narrow long tie or the wide Ascot. Other options include the bow tie and the neck scarf. 

The vest is arguably the most important part of men’s Steampunk costumes. This piece of clothing has the capacity to make your outfit instantly Victorian. Steampunk vests are made of black or brown wool, canvas, tweed, and brocade. Throw in a coat for a bit of mystery. Fortunately, the Victorian period has a lot to choose from, such as the sack coat, frock coat, cutaway, and the tailcoat for a more formal appearance. 

As for pants, the Victorian version was higher than modern pants and almost touching the ribs so finding such a pair in this day and age might be difficult. A trick would be to buy a “classic fit” pair one size bigger and hold them up with suspenders.  For boots, go for the lace up or button up style. If that is too much hassle, work boots are a good substitute. One good thing is that Steampunk boots usually feature buckles, straps, and gears, which give you a chance for a little DIY on the pair you already possess.  

Finally, the accessories. The obvious one is goggles which are perfect for the adventurer but can be worn by the Steampunk gentleman for a more stylish look. Pocket watches are another.

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