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Medieval Eating Bowl


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Turned from solid hardwood, this Medieval Eating Bowl replicates a typical early medieval eating utensil. Hand Wash.
  • Diameter: 6"


I wish I could add a half star to this rating. The bowl is fairly substantial and enough for a healthy serving of stew but it looks like some high schooler went berserk with the lathe in wood shop! It has way too modern tool marks and perfectly radiused grooves, grooves that are sure to be a nesting place for all sorts of cool germs, btw, and the bottom of the inside of the bowl has a groove instead of just being smooth. I'm going to have to work on this with some sandpaper and a chisel to get it really Renfaire worthy but, overall, still a good deal!
From: Kurt, May 02, 2011

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Olde English Bokes Of Curtesye (Books of Courtesy) admonished readers not to spit across the table, butter bread with their thumbs, or wipe their teeth and knives on the tablecloth! Still, uncouthness often reigned, even at a noble's table. Utensils like these, which closely model those used from the early Iron Age to the Middle Ages, had to compete with the convenience of fingers. The handle for each hand-forged piece is given the traditional blacksmith's twist. and the knife is capable of holding an edge.

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