Marvel Production Tease

Thor's mighty hammer from the Ultimates is approved and going into production along with Cyclops visor from X2.
The hammer will include an incredibly cool certificate of authenticity that will be numbered for this LE. And we'll even throw in a beautiful floor stand for this full scale behemoth. The hammer has a wood shaft, genuine leather wrap and full metal head, your getting the real deal- all 42" of it.
The visor comes in this amazing aluminum case as though Prof. X was handing it to you himself. The top of the case is embossed with the X logo and Cyclops name. Inside is a blue print that shows all the cool stuff this could do. Sized direct from the hero prop, this is a one size fits most (OK, really smaller heads and narrow faces, but it's still way cool).
Each item is available now for pre-order. Cyclops is scheduled for a early Jan ship date, while the hammer is currently a Feb ship date.
Whether you enjoy being super human or just a mutant (kinda the same thing), we've got you covered.
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