Martini Anyone?

Shaken, not stirred. (Didn't see that coming? You need to get out more.) If I had a nickel every time I used that line I'd have like 8 bucks now.

History is Yours

Original, untouched, real, authentic Martini Henry rifles are being sold for the first time ever on our sister site. One of the most iconic and popular guns used during the British Empire and further made famous during the African campaigns and movies based around the Zulu Wars. These are the actual guns used by the British and by many countries armed forces that were influenced by their occupation. A very rare chance to own a genuine piece of history in its untouched state, plus many other new items from the treasures brought back from Nepal.

As a bonus, anyone who purchases through the end of the year can save an extra 10% when purchasing from this stunning collection just by entering the blog code ACB01 when checking out. And that's not all... we are also adding the book Treasure is Where You Find It to most of our guns for free (while supplies last)! Another little thank you for following our exploits.

OK, OK I hear ya, a little somthin' for the ladies next time? Sounds good to me, there's a lot of testosterone floating around here as you can imagine. I'll get with the wonderful women who hold us together and see what they come up with. Not that a woman packing isn't attractive...
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