Make Halloween count this year!

It’s nice to feel the cool weather again. Not just because it’s a break from the heat, but it also means that Halloween is right around the corner! So what are you going to be? Have you picked out a costume yet? Or maybe you’re just having a rough time deciding. We can help you out! As always, you can choose from our seemingly endless line of costumes, ensembles, and accouterments that we’ve been bringing to you for years. However, we’ve also got a wide selection now of Halloween classics; such as VampiresPiratesGhosts, for menwomen, and children. Can’t really go wrong with at least one of those, right?

All of us here… well most of us… REALLY enjoy Halloween. So much, that we are aiming to double the fun, the scares, and oh yes, the partying. How? Well, a few honestly. For our complete costume kits, we are offering 20% off original price using the code kit20 ! Can’t visit us before then, and need a costume fast? Well, we will be offering free shipping for ALL costume kit orders over $49.00! Follow the link to view all of those costumes. It’ll inspire the party monster in you.

Finally, if you need any extra tips for Halloween, come visit us and we'll help ya out.


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