Magneto & Iron Man Ship Dates

All you X-Men fans get ready, the first of our X-line will be in the house later this month. The first shipment of Magneto helms from X3 are on the way. Remember they are limited to only 2006 and include hand numbered certs. Act fast to get in on the first shipment or you'll be at the mercy Prof. X (or worse Phoenix)! Next in the line is Cyclops visor from X2 coming around X-mas (of course I would spell it that way).
Also coming soon are the original Iron Man helms, both silver and gold versions will be arriving in Sept. Again very limited, silver only 1463 made and gold only 500. Don't let the chance to own a rare Stark Industries legendary innovation pass you by.
The certs for the Marvel line feature art from the original comics so they look just as good on display as the old comics did!
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