Lion Dog Wakizashi

Manufacturer part number: SH2449

The Lion Dog wakizashi is fittingly named for the lion dog found on the iron tsuba. Made with high-alloy HWS-1S steel by Paul Chen of Hanwei.
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Invoking the ancient guardians known as lion dogs, the Lion Dog Wakizashi features them prominently on the black iron tsuba. This short sword also has a matching fuchi/kashira and golden peony menuki. To make sure the blade is as tough as these legendary creatures, the sword has a blade of Hanwei’s very own HWS-1S steel making an extremely reliable blade with edge-holding capability. The saya features a gloss-lacquered ribbed section at the koiguchi (mouth) and kurikata (knob). Included is a multi-colored sageo of hand-woven pure silk.

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Attribute nameAttribute value
Overall Length27-3/8"
Blade Length20-1/2"
Handle Length6-5/8"
Weight1 lb / 10 oz
MaterialHigh-Alloy HWS-1S Steel


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