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Legion Tunic


This simple, rough weaved red tunic is made of 100% woven cotton.


This simple, rough weaved tunic is made of 100% woven cotton. The Roman tunic was very simple; two pieces of fabric were sewn together with slits left open for the head and arms. The Romans took the color from the Spartan's red cloaks... they wore red so that their enemies would never see them bleed.

Choose from S/M or L/XL.


Fits like a charm and looking forward to wearing it at the Texas Renn. fare!
From: Donald, April 12, 2017
The Legion Tunic is made of a strong, heavy duty red/burgundy colored fabric. This is a very sturdy but basic garment. The hems of the sleeves and body are not finished and will quickly start to unravel when worn. The large/extra large size will easily fit a XXL warrior.
From: Al, February 16, 2017
Excellent belt. Sturdy and really well I removed two plates and rivets to get it to fit a little smaller and it's perfect (large size). You can save the rivets and plates and replace them as well. Good quality leather and hardware. Nice and workable right out of the box. I did clean it up with some mink oil just to get some of the work dust off it and make it look worn, but it isn't necessary. 5 stars.
From: Josh, September 24, 2016
Sturdy no frills. Just what you would expect to find on a Roman.
From: John, April 13, 2016
This is a nice looking tunic and looks good under my armor.  Looks like something a Roman soldier would wear.
From: Patrick, April 10, 2014
Although somewhat basic, this tunic still serves it's intended function. It's not meant to be super fancy or showy, it does, however, compliment the outfit great and really completes the set.
From: John, April 17, 2011

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