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Leather Sword Hanger Frog


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This black streamlined sword hanger is hand crafted from the finest quality leather with nickel plated steel. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.


The review below may be based on the deceiving picture.  I thought exactly the same as that reviewer and he still may be correct.  However, I think the belt loops at the top of the pic are actually to hold the sword, the front one adjusts to fit my scabbard.  The big loops, which I too thought were for the sword, may actually be the belt loops.  If you rotate the pic, this a left-sided, right-handed draw frog mistakenly shown as right handed.  The adjustment feature is not for sword size, but for setting the angle.  Unfortunately, I now own a left handed frog like this.  I think I can turn it around, rework it some and make it close to right.  I see no option for right or left in the order form
From: jason, January 05, 2015
From: John, May 23, 2011
The smallest sword this will hold is as wide as my hand, and just as thick. I didn't buy the broad-sword hanger. I bought this other one. It could easily hold a sword 4 or 5 inches wide. It is so loose that it is worthless on my 2 inch wide sword, it would just fall through, scabbard and all if it weren't for the cross guard. But as soon as I remove the sword, the scabbard falls to the floor. And that's with the belts tightened all the way down!
From: C.W., December 10, 2009

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