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Leather & Steel Vambraces

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Closeout, Reg $90, Now Only $45!
This set of lower arm armor is crafted from a double thickness of heavy leather and has a decorative pattern of antiqued steel riveted to them. They provide excellent protection from a draw cut and will finish off an outfit handsomely. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.


I was extremely pleased with these vambraces. They look phenomenal paired with a gambeson and chain mail. I can't believe I could get these for the price I paid!
From: Richard, September 08, 2017
really nice
From: Roy, July 15, 2016
From: Ronita, February 15, 2016
There are only two downsides to these: the straps for tightening them on your forearms feel small and breakable, and the holes that come punched in the leather straps don't allow for large/muscled forearms.
Aside from those two problems previously mentioned, these are very nice. The leather is a good quality, and the steel looks beautiful.

Once I wear them in L.A.R.P.ing, I'm sure I'll love them even more.
From: Louis, January 22, 2016
Love these! Panicked when they were out of stock everywhere so jumped on them when they were re-offered. Quality, heavy construction. Very VERY happy.
From: Donald, December 03, 2015
I love the look. They have a tendency to slip, slightly, even when cinched pretty tightly.
From: Gary & Caroline, November 24, 2015
I trust these vambraces more than my others and don’t think that I’ll continue my search for something “better”.  They are comfortable, give adequate protection and cover more area than my others.  The only problem that I had was that there were not sufficient holes in one vambrace to secure the strap.  A minor problem that was easily corrected.  
From: Paul, March 31, 2015
Gorgeous, solid protection.  Over time they will wear well and but they may rust out on you.  However as a previous reviewer said, the straps tend to give out.  It is easy to fix if you have any skill in leather working.  Just annoying since this is a $90.00 piece of armour.
From: David, May 21, 2014
Awesome.... heavy leather, adequate gauge steel. Very cool..
From: Randy, October 27, 2013
Very cool looking and very durable. The construction makes for a good fit that provides wrist maneuverability. Keep it clean as it can rust.
From: Brad, December 25, 2008
very comfortable adjustable to fit snuggly very well constructed great foreamm protection.
From: albert, December 12, 2008

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