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Leather Long Belt


This long, dark brown, leather belt measures 74 inches in length and has a brass buckle.
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This truly fantastic long belt is made of a heavy grade, Dark Brown leather. It measures a full 74 inches in length and has a brass buckle. Nickel studs adorn the belt, one size fits all.


Very sturdy quality. No complaints.
From: Deena, September 10, 2017
Although it looks good, the leather is too stiff to be worn properly. It's fine for a modern belt, but a period belt doesn't have (or need) a tongue and should be softer to fold and tie properly.
From: Fiona, July 19, 2015
I wish it was a little heftier, but for the price (as a 'Daily Deal') it is a great deal -- and I love the length.
From: Rory, July 19, 2015
this belt broke where it was POORLY skived and pieced together....AT weak rivet points...(the first time I tried it on)if a LONG belt can't be made from a single solid piece, then it could at LEAST be connected securely....I tried the belt on (I wear size 46.) the day before the Ren Fest...so I used  rope...not happy
From: Craig, March 04, 2015
This is a good solid belt.  The buckle is heavy brass and well secured, the decorative studs/crosses appear securely fastened, and it is sufficiently long for BIG waists (I'd say up to a 60" before it turns into a trouser belt). There are belt holes punched out for up to a 38" waist and there are single holes punched out between the decorative studs for up to a 48" waist (pretty clever, in my opinion!). A little expensive, but you won't die of sticker shock!
From: Kurt, July 20, 2011
Very well made and easy to wear. Looks great with any period piece.
From: Brad, December 25, 2008
Good looking HEAVY belt.  The buckle and studs are securely attached.  Understated yet attractive.  Good for Dark Age and Viking warriors.
From: Dale, December 17, 2008

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