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Leather Broadsword Frog


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The Broadsword Frog is hand crafted of durable, full grain leather replete with nickel plated, metal studs. With its ingenious dual strap design, this frog will support both broadsword and scabbard and is designed to fit almost any belt.


Very convenient in my opinion. It sure is handy
From: Michael, March 08, 2016
The back piece of the frog is not leather but a hard plastic. While it does hold a scabbard, it only holds it from falling down. Trying to pull out your sword will usually bring the scabbard with it (I have the Classic Medieval Sword). I feel the loops that go around the belt are to long, but I have not used a very wide belt which is what this is probably for.
From: Jeff, January 05, 2015
These are not made to last. They are flimsy and will not last you a day at a fair of any kind. It must be made in China or some other backwater country.
From: Jeffery, August 25, 2009
This frog is a must have for anyone who owns a sword of any kind. I have one for each sword that I own!
From: Tim, December 14, 2008

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